What We Do

Kinect Rehab is the most comprehensive & effective non-pharmaceutical option for successfully treating nerve, muscle, & joint pain and for the reduction of athletic injury risk. Kinect Rehab provides 1 on 1 focused attention with the doctor. I encourage questions and am happy to work with your existing doctors/providers to give you the best possible outcome. My experience and results are supported and utilized by top specialists in Physiatry (PMR), Pain Management, Sports Medicine, Spine Surgery, Family Practice, and Functional Medicine. I believe healthcare is not an assembly line industry but requires time and communication to get you to your goals. So, what makes Kinect Rehab different? We provide a difference you can feel. We encourage you to stop by, ask questions, and pick up some information. I look forward to meeting you, but until then, keep moving!

Dry Needling

dry needling

Dry Needling is a safe and effective skilled intervention that uses a filiform needle to treat trigger points, muscles, neuromuscular entrapments, and connective tissues that are generating pain and movement restriction. This regenerative procedure is performed by a specially trained professional and successfully treats many musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions. This treatment can often minimize recovery time and get results where many therapies have failed.

Injury Prevention

Reducing pain and preventing injury is great. However, in most cases pain and injury are both a result of the same issue…movement dysfunction. The muscles and joints are designed to move and perform in specific patterns to maximize performance and reduce injury susceptibility. Correcting these patterns are a crucial part of a successful rehab plan. However, correcting these patterns to athletes of all ages before injury will improve strength, speed, acceleration, performance, and reduce injury risk. Our goal is to make you move better, feel better, and perform better.

Myofascial Release

myofascial release

Myofascial Release is a long standing and well established effective technique for the relaxing and recovery of tight and painful muscle and connective tissues. This technique has branded many names and “techniques” over the centuries. One thing that has never changed is its efficacy when properly applied.

Therapeutic Exercise

The wrong movement will injure you. The right movement will fix you. We have some highly effective therapy options at Kinect Rehab to reduce pain, but in most cases fixing the initial cause requires teaching the body to move right again. Therapeutic exercise teaches the muscles, joints, and brain to work together the right way and produce proper movement. This helps you recover faster and better and reduces re-occurrence which reduces medical expenses.


Over time, the joints themselves can become tight and restricted. Different forms of chiropractic adjustments and joint mobilizations have effectively been used for pain and motion relief for centuries. The Journal Of The American Medical Association (JAMA) found spinal manipulation as beneficial for mechanical lower back pain. Furthermore, the American College Of Physicians (ACP) now recommends spinal manipulation prior to drug therapies in their lower back pain treatment guidelines. When properly applied, these are very effective treatments.