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I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Derek Myers for several years and have been fortunate to know him for more than eight years now. With Dr. Myers' unique well rounded training in all aspects of musculoskeletal and spine disorders, he has been able to not only improve the functionality of many of my patients but also reduce the levels of pain and therefore improve their quality of life.

Hemal MehtaMD - Physiatry Pain Specialist

Dr. Myers is an outstanding chiropractic physician. He is well-liked by patients and his interventions routinely produce excellent results. I particularly value his expertise in dry needling and soft tissue rehabilitation. The patients that we share routinely sing his praises, and I refer to him without hesitation.

Clarke HolmesM.D., Owner, Impact Sports Medicine and Orthopedics

I have had the honor and privilege of knowing Dr. Derek Myers for 4 years now and in those 4 years I've come to know a consummate , talented , caring and highly skilled Neuromuscular Specialist. Derek is a great family man and friend!!! I have watched and listened to him in clinical situations and I highly regard his clinical skill and judgement!

Thomas Lokensgard DDSNMD


Kinect Rehab is a simple and long overdue concept

Kinect Rehab is the most comprehensive & effective non-pharmaceutical option for successfully treating nerve, muscle, & joint pain and for the reduction of athletic injury risk. Kinect Rehab provides 1 on 1 focused attention with the doctor. I encourage questions and am happy to work with your existing doctors/providers to give you the best possible outcome. My experience… read more!

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Dry Needling

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Myofascial Release

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I only recommend the very best products to my patients and I highly recommend Peak Performance Series products.

I treat some of the toughest cases of muscle and joint pain. Since using Joint Jel and Combat Cream during therapy I have seen remarkable improvements in my patient outcomes. A number of them have even come off of prescription medications and pain patches for arthritis and chronic pain syndromes. This stuff is a game changer!